wild garlic velouté

Wild Garlic Velouté

Dive into the vibrancy of nature and taste the essence of spring with a recipe that dares to impress - Chef Galmiche's wild garlic velouté! Using first of the season wild garlic and a handful of other ingredients, this beautifully silky and smooth velouté will begin any meal with a

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Fennel and Blood Orange Salad

Fennel and Blood Orange Salad

A fresh and crunchy fennel and blood orange salad and the perfect accompaniment to fish like sea bass or sea bream, or even shellfish. Grated nice and thin and mixed with blood orange segments and a finished with a touch of lime. To order any of the ingredients featured, call

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Poached Pear with Wayanard Pepper

Poached Pear and Wayanad Pepper

The finest pepper in India, and arguably the world, is Wayanad pepper. Grown in the Wayanad plateau in Kerala, India, it's particularly aromatic and spicy and releases fresh and fruity notes with a slightly citrus flavour. In this episode, Chef Daniel uses Wayanad pepper and fresh red chillis with poached

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New Episodes Coming Soon

We're back in Daniel's country kitchen recording the first episodes of 2024 in our video series 'Cooking with Chef Daniel Galmiche'. Today, we're creating three dishes, two of which use the much underused fennel and one dish with some beautiful Italian red pears. Coming soon. If you haven't seen this

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roast chestnuts

Episode 20 – Roast Chestnuts

As a classic Autumn ingredient, chestnuts really are delicious when roasted over an open fire! But you can do so much more with them - they can be puréed, deep-fried, or candied, and they are suitable for both sweet and savoury dishes. In our latest episode, Chef Daniel chooses to

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Daniel Galmiche

Daniel on Four Seasons

This year we've had the great pleasure of working with some top chefs. In recent weeks you may have seen our posts about Marco Pierre White, and Pierre Koffmann, but our first was Daniel Galmiche. Working in Michelin Star establishments around the world from the highly acclaimed Le Gavroche under

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Sprout Stalks Three Ways

Episode 19 – Sprout Stalks Three Ways

For something a little different for your Christmas menus, try our sprout stalks. They are large, tasty and very versatile, and in this episode, Chef Daniel prepares them three ways, wasting nothing! The stalks are baked and combined with cream and parmesan cheese for a delicious and rustic dish, the

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Franco & Daniel

Nice to see Franco in Daniel's kitchen today.Over the coming week or so we'll show you how Daniel creates a delicious fricassee of roasted chestnuts, pancetta, and ratte potatoes and how he uses sprout stalks three ways.

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Confit Turnip and Roast Pork Chop

Confit Turnip and Roast Pork

One of the most under-used vegetables here in the UK is the turnip. This fantastic vegetable is incredibly versatile, and in today's episode, Chef Daniel prepares them two ways. Confit with a pork jus, and confit glazed with honey. As always, all ingredients featured in this video are available from

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chocolate chili tart

Chocolate Chili Tart

Four Seasons Fruiterers offer so much more than just beautiful produce, we also have an extensive dry and ambient product range. One of these ranges is chocolate! In this episode, Chef Daniel creates a luxurious chocolate chili tart. All ingredients featured in this video are available from Four Seasons -

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Fricassee of New Potatoes

Fricassee of New Potatoes with Truffles

Using British new potatoes, Chef Daniel serves up a fricassee of new potatoes with truffle, pancetta and onion. Great to accompany fish and works well with sea bream - also great with roast pork, game or pheasant. Call us on 01793 683299 or drop us an email: orders@fsfruit.co.uk to add

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Kabocha Tempura

The Kabocha is known for its especially sweet flavour and light, fluffy, velvety texture and here, Chef Daniel creates a tasty Kabocha Tempura. Perfect as a bar snack, simply seasoned with salt and accompanied by a dipping sauce, or as a simple tasty starter. Watch this week’s episode below. Call

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Roasted Crown Prince Pumpkin

Using some early season Crown Prince Pumpkin, Chef Daniel creates a simple, warming and comforting accompaniment to a main autumnal or winter dish. We have a range of Autumnal squash and pumpkins in stock, so get it touch with your Account Manager for more details. Or you can contact our

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Baked and Pan Roasrted Leek with a French Vinegarette

Episode 12 – Baked and Pan Roasted Leek

A delicious and timeless starter featuring leek, served with a French vinaigrette. With our high-quality ingredients, you can create a flavorful and satisfying menu that is sure to impress your customers. Call us on 01793 683299 or email orders@fsfruit.co.uk to find out what other fantastic ingredients we have available.

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Episode 10 – Orange Blossom Strawberries

In this episode, Chef Galmiche creates this stylish strawberry dessert. Beautiful local strawberries, served with a fresh and tangy juice mix, scented and flavoured with orange blossom, finished off with candied orange. All accompanied by a lime shortbread. All the ingredients featured in this video are available for Four Seasons

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Episode 9 – Ratatouille

Chef Galmiche creates a delicious Ratatouille that will transport you straight to the heart of France. This bright and chunky summer vegetable stew, rich and fagrant with garlic and herbs, is served with beautiful pan-roasted pork cutlet. As always, all ingredients featured in this video are available from Four Seasons

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Episode 8 – Gooseberry Chutney

Using local gooseberries from Wye Valley, Chef Galmiche creates a simple and beautiful gooseberry chutney with vanilla and cinnamon. All ingredients featured in this episode are available from Four Seasons. To add them to your orders, call us on 01793 683299 or email orders@fsfruit.co.uk

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Roasted Pointed Cabbage

Episode 7 – Roasted Pointed Cabbage

Great with roast pork or as a dish on its own, try Chef Galmiche's simple and tasty roasted pointed cabbage with chili and ginger. All ingredients featured in this episode are available from Four Seasons. To add them to your orders, call us on 01793 683299 or email orders@fsfruit.co.uk

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Artichokes à la Barigoule

Episode 6 – Artichokes à la Barigoule

Artichokes à la Barigoule is a traditional springtime vegetable dish from the Provence region in France. Light and aromatic with a clean yet comforting flavor, it is the perfect accompaniment to grilled fish and white meat, and can also be served as a starter. In episode 6 of our series

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