Bakery Wholesaler

We are a proud regional bakery wholesaler for Hobbs House Bakery

Hobbs House Bakery is a local, family-run bakery with five generations of baking experience.

They are a respected name on the local food scene and we are proud to be a local bread and bakery wholesaler for them in Wiltshire, The Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire.

Using heritage and classic recipes, Hobbs makes all of their exceptional bread by hand with true care and attention, many using ‘overnight’ fermentation for a deeper flavour and a better rise.

This is an exceptional range of award-winning bread, made to the highest standards.

From the classic white bloomer or French baguette through to speciality bread, rolls and baps, Four Seasons Fruiterers can offer your business a broad selection of wholesale bread and bakery products, all available for next-day delivery*.

We can supply a full range, including;


A traditional white bloomer. Made with white dough, hand moulded and cut by skilled bakers.
Available whole or sliced

Harvest Bloomer

A malted wheat loaf, hand moulded and cut by skilled bakers. Soaked kibbled and flaked wheat with malt extract known for its nutty taste.
Available whole or sliced.

Baguette Paysan

Using the finest French flour to make the finest baguettes, this is a traditional artisan French loaf, bursting with flavour.
Available whole or sliced.

Everyday White

Perfect for sandwiches
A great white loaf for everyday use this traditional British tin loaf is baked with a flat top to give a consistent sandwich.
Sliced (14+2)

Everyday Harvest

Perfect for sandwiches
A malted wheat loaf, with a distinctive nutty taste. Soaked kibbled and flaked wheat with malt extract makes this loaf an ideal sandwich loaf.
Sliced (14+2)

Pain de Campagne

A handcrafted white loaf with the
perfect crust. The beauty of this loaf
stems from using three different flours, their sourdough starter and a slow rise in traditional cane baskets.

Sherston Overnight White

A slowly risen loaf that makes the best toast in the world! Its name comes from the Cotswold village of Sherston, home of the original recipe.
Available whole or sliced

St Martin Sourdough

Handmade with a 65-year-old
sourdough starter and fermented for 14 hours. Perfect for cheese toasties and served warm with a meal.
Available whole or sliced

Ultimate Burger Buns

The ultimate bap for any burger. Glazed buns topped with golden linseeds. The same rich brioche
flavour but made without butter make these suitable for vegans.
Seeded, 6 pack

Also Available To Order

6 Seed Malted 800g

Seeded White Baguette

Ciabatta Loaf

English Muffin 4″ (6 pack)

Floury Bap (6 pack)

Brioche Roll (6 pack)

Ultimate Burger Bun Jumbo (4 pack)

Ultimate Finger Roll (6 pack)

If you are looking for a bread or bakery wholesaler to supply top-quality wholesale bakery products, get in touch with us: 01793 683299 or email