Chilled Wholesaler

We’re a leading chilled goods wholesaler in the South West. We supply a full range of chilled and frozen products to complement our range of fresh produce and chef’s ingredients.

We aim to source as much of our dairy and eggs from the local area as possible. And we do this from suppliers that have been hand-picked to ensure you get the very best. Our dairy products are delivered fresh daily so you can rest assured you are taking delivery of the freshest products available.

Our range of cheese is as varied as it is vast. We regularly supply well over 100 different kinds of cheese, mainly UK-sourced with some specialist cheeses sourced directly from the producers. And if it’s not in stock, we’ll work hard with some of the leading suppliers to make sure that we do.

Our frozen range features products that have been carefully selected for quality and convenience. And just because it’s frozen it doesn’t mean it’s of inferior quality – quite the contrary!

From superior quality frozen fruit and veg, bakery and pastries, and meat and savouries, through to local artisan ice cream and frozen fruit purées, we can supply it all.

We’ve been around for quite a while now. As a result, we have long-established relationships with producers, suppliers and artisans. Consequently, we can access a vast range of products. If there’s something you need, we can source it.

Milk & Cream

We hold a daily stock of a full range of milk and cream products.

Our regular milk comes from Welsh cows in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion.

We also stock a range of other milk products, such as soy, almond, coconut and others.

Butter & Margarine

As well as a range of ‘standard’ butter and margarine, we also hold a daily stock of some more specialist products.

From plant-based butter and flavoured butter to butter rolls and butter portions, we can supply it all.


There’s not a single cheese we can’t source for you!

We stock a large number of the more-common cheeses, some sourced from the immediate local area with others sourced from producers across the UK. We also source from international cheese makers where the product is specialist to a region.


Our free-range chicken eggs are sourced from a local farm based in West Berkshire with the eggs typically arriving with us within 36 hours of being laid.

We also stock a range of other eggs. Including, quail eggs, ducks eggs and goose eggs, as well as liquid egg white and egg yolk products..


For convenience, some customers prefer some of our products in frozen form.

To complement our fresh produce, our frozen range includes fruits, vegetables, bakery and pastry products, fries, purées, ice cream, and savoury and meat-based products.

Some of our Suppliers