Inspiring the next generation of chefs

Inspiring the next generation of chefs

Many food companies and suppliers dedicate time to supporting chefs.

At Four Seasons, we wanted to recognise the importance of the next generation of young chefs who are only just starting their journey in the culinary world. We are in an ideal position to both educate and inspire this next generation, and we see this as a key part of our role as a responsible supplier.

It is for this reason that we have chosen to work closely with New College Swindon to support their Level 1 and Level 2 students for the coming college year and to give them a real insight into the journey from field to fork and the industry they have chosen as their craft.

This is particularly important to us as they need to understand the processes that food goes through before it reaches the fork. Where it was grown, caught, or raised, how it was produced and how it was transported.

It’s also a great opportunity to highlight the benefits of using the best seasonal produce available. All the fantastic produce and ingredients sourced from the local area and from across the UK.

We hope that through this partnership, we can give them some hands-on experience of our side of the food industry.

As well as on-site workshops and visits to our premises, we have chosen to relieve some of the financial burden new students face.

As such, 25 Level 1 and Level 2 students have been gifted a new chef’s jacket, courtesy of Four Seasons Fruiterers.

We hope this goes some way to get them off to the best possible start and perhaps relieve some of the financial pressure and anxiety of starting at a new college with new people.

Sian Vockins, Chef/Lecturer for Hospitality and Catering at New College Swindon says,

“We are really grateful for this investment Four Seasons Fruiterers are making in our students. Not just financially with the uniforms but also their time, providing opportunities for real industry experience. These uniforms are crucial for installing a sense of pride in our students and reinforcing the fact that they are working in a professional kitchen. We are excited to build on this amazing relationship with Franco and his team.”

Managing Director at Four Seasons Fruiterers, Franco Ventriglia, says,

“We are delighted to be a local partner with New College Swindon. As a food business we believe it’s important to do whatever we can to open our doors to the next generation. To engage and inspire them and to give them a flavour of the industry we love.”

This partnership is the first in trying to give something back, especially at a time when the food industry is faced with so many challenges.