Fruit and Veg Wholesaler

We are a leading fruit and veg wholesaler based on the edge of The Cotswolds with four generations of food industry experience in our family.

When in season here in the UK, we source as much of our fruit and veg as possible from the local area and surrounding counties. There are some fantastic growers here in the South West and like to champion them whenever possible.

By sourcing what we can locally we support the local economy and keep our food miles as low as possible. Something very important to our ethical and sustainability commitments.

We always source responsibly and only buy from renewable sources. We hand-pick our suppliers and artisan producers to ensure that our customers get the best quality produce available.

In the cases where the product isn’t grown in the UK, or when it’s specialist to a particular region, we look further afield.

We carry a full stock of all seasonal produce with daily deliveries from our suppliers as well as regular deliveries from both the Milan and French markets.

To complement our extensive range of fresh produce, we also stock a full range of prep and frozen veg. Some customers find this useful as a way to save time and reduce their food wastage. Further, it allows you to control the portions and can help with storage space.

Just as with our fresh produce, both are still from top quality sources and chopped and frozen at the source.

It’s so Important to Follow the Seasons

“There is a good reason for this and in France, Spain & Italy it is all taken for granted and chefs learn these lessons at an early age.

“When you buy a fruit or a vegetable in season it is at its best, its freshest and its cheapest because it is in abundance, so this is the best time to use an ingredient.

It holds its best amount of nutrition. Everything about it is perfect. It has been grown locally to where you are in perfect conditions.

When you buy an ingredient out of season it has often been grown for that purpose in a country that is far away and does not have ideal growing conditions for that ingredient.

Consequently, it is more expensive and less ideal from a nutrition point of view. So, it’s really important to plan for the seasons. Plus, you get to work with amazing produce.”

Chef Daniel Galmiche – Michelin Star Chef

We serve customers from across the region including Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds. Our customers include restaurants, schools, pubs, care homes, nurseries, hotels, caterers, retail outlets, cafes and farm shops, to name just a few!

We have an extensive background in the catering and hospitality sector with over 15 years experience in the local area. We also have over 20 years of first-hand experience running a group of successful family restaurants.

Our staff are industry professionals, all with a food background and some having worked as a chef themselves. With this knowledge, we’re best placed to offer ideas on produce as well as menu planning.

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