Product of the Week – Koffmann’s Frites

Koffman's Frozen Range

Pierre Koffmann is known in culinary circles as a founding father of modern British cuisine. Holding three Michelin stars at his groundbreaking La Tante Claire for 15 years, Pierre set new standards for French cuisine in Britain, using simple, classic ingredients to create extraordinary dishes.

Since 2018, the Koffmann fresh potato range has established itself as the UK chef’s number-one go-to brand for potatoes.

Koffmann’s brand is regularly used on menus as a symbol of high quality.

Early in 2021 the Koffmann’s brand extended its range and moved into the frozen market and introduced the Koffmann’s Frozen Range.

This includes Les Pommes Frites, Les Grandes Frites XXL, Les Pommes Frites Petites, Les Pommes Frites Moyennes and Sweet Potato Frites.

Koffmann’s only supplies a select group of wholesale customers and food service sectors, and we’re one of them!

Koffmann’s Frozen Range

Koffmann's Frozen Range

Frozen Les Pommes Frites
Skin on

Koffmann's Frozen Range

Frozen Les Pommes Frites Petites
Skin off

Koffmann's Frozen Range

Frozen Les Pommes Frites Moyennes
Skin off

Frozen Sweet Potato Frites

Frozen Les Grande Frites XXL
Skin on

Koffmann’s Washed Blue Potatoes

As well as the Koffmann’s Frozen Range,
we also stock the ever-popular
Koffmann’s Washed Blue potatoes.

Koffmann’s potatoes have been created to deliver a consistent taste experience for chefs.

Considered by top chefs to be the best
chipping and roasting potato available!


All of these Koffmann’s products are available from Four Seasons Fruiterers – order by midnight for next-day delivery.

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