Our Frozen Range

Frozen Range at Four Seasons

Our frozen range features products that have been carefully selected for quality and convenience. And just because it’s frozen, doesn’t mean it’s inferior quality.

From superior quality frozen fruit and veg, purées, and frites, through to local artisan ice cream, bakery and pastries, meat and savouries, we can supply it all.

Frozen Fruit and Veg

To complement our range of fresh fruit and veg, we have a comprehensive range of frozen produce as well. And it’s not to be sniffed at!

Buying frozen can be more convenient for some customers as they will last far longer than the fresh alternatives. This is ideally suited to smaller venues where buying and storing fresh items over longer periods isn’t possible.

They also hold their nutrients far better than their fresh counterparts as they are snap frozen within hours of harvest.

We have over 20 products in this range – get in touch to find out more.

Boiron Fruit Purées

Boiron make what is considered the best frozen fruit purées available today.

Using carefully chosen fruit from the best growing territories all over the world, they are harvested, blended and deep-frozen to keep the flavour, texture and freshness of the fruit intact and to guarantee a typical colour and taste of fresh fruit.

27 Flavours to choose from.

Boiron Frozen Fruit Purée

Frozen Chips and Fries

We supply quite a few frozen chips and fries, as well as wedges, sweet potato fries, and hash browns. One of our most-popular ranges, however, is our Koffmann’s Frites range.

Koffmann’s brand is regularly used on menus as a symbol of high quality.

Early in 2021 the Koffmann’s brand extended its range and moved into the frozen market and introduced the Koffmann’s Frozen Range.

This includes Les Pommes Frites, Les Grandes Frites XXL, Les Pommes Frites Petites, Les Pommes Frites Moyennes and Sweet Potato Frites.

Koffmann’s only supplies a select group of wholesale customers and food service sectors, and we’re one of them!

Local Ice Creams

Dolcetti make a full range of traditional artisan Italian gelato right here in the heart of the Cotswolds.

Using only the finest ingredients, the milk and cream are sourced from a local dairy farm. The fruit is sourced directly from growers in Hereford and India.

The result is a creamy texture and an intense flavour that Dolcetti has already become well-known for!

32 Flavours to choose from.

Marshfield Farm is a home, a farm and a multi award-winning ice cream manufacturer.

Straight from the farm and made with fresh farm milk, mixed with luxurious, West Country rich clotted cream from local dairies.

Their entire product range is suitable for vegetarians and free from artificial colours & flavours.

9 Flavours to choose from.

We also stock a fair amount of frozen bakery & pastry products, savoury items and meat products.

For our full frozen range, please talk to your account manager or get in touch with us: 01793 683299