Product Spotlight – Cheese

Cheese, the ooey-gooey, melty stuff that dreams are made of.

As a nation, we can’t resist cheese. Whether it’s with a post-dinner cracker, melted on toast or oozing out of pies, cheese is comfort food at its best.

Cauliflower cheese is arguably one of the heroes of British cuisine and baked camembert is always a simple way to feed a crowd, but there are so many other cheeses.

By some estimates, there are more than 1,800 different types of cheese in the world and more than 700 cheeses produced in the UK. So plenty of options to suit a variety of tastes and cooking or baking applications.

Here at Four Seasons, we regularly supply well over 100 different kinds of cheese, mainly UK-sourced with some specialist cheeses sourced directly from the producers.

And if it’s not in stock, we’ll work hard with some of the leading suppliers to make sure that we do.

Today, we pick out just a few to get the tastebuds watering!


The most well-known cheese in Greece, Feta is made from sheep and goat’s milk and has a tangy, sharp flavour and a creamy texture in the mouth.

Uses: Crumble over salads and soups, toss with roasted veg, rice and pasta or use in pies and galettes.

Feta Cheese


First made in the late 18th century in Camembert, Normandy, Camembert is a soft-ripened cow’s milk cheese with an ivory-coloured exterior and creamy, buttery centre.

Uses: A crowd-pleasing dip or melt slices into gratins, casseroles, sauces,
grilled cheese sandwiches, panini, or pizzas.


Made in only three Counties in England, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and
Leicestershire, Stilton is a protected cheese. It has a rich, complex yet
mellow flavour – opening with creamy and nutty specks, followed by a salty
finish that sticks to your palate.

Uses: To add an undeniable punch of flavour to salads, sandwiches, burgers,
and pizzas.

Red Leicester

A traditional hard English cheese made from unpasteurised cow’s milk and
coloured with a vegetable dye called annatto. Similar to Cheddar but much
more moist, crumblier with a milder flavour.

Uses: As a substitute for cheddar in cauliflower cheese, in a mash or some
wonderfully cheesy scones.


Specialist to a particular region in Italy, Parmigiano-Reggiano is a hard, granular cheese made with cow’s milk.

It has complex flavours, with a stronger salty kick

Uses: Perfect for grating over pasta, into sauces, or on top of pizza.

Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese


No classic cheese list would be worth anything without mentioning cheddar!

Young cheddar is mild, smooth, semi-firm, and delightfully creamy with more mature cheddar developing a stronger tangy flavour.

Uses: As delicious served melted as it is in a chunk on a cheeseboard with plenty of pickle and chutney.

Cheddar Cheese

Roquefort Cheese


Famous for its pungent smell, characteristic blue veins and sharp tang, Roquefort is a French white, crumbly, and slightly moist cheese.

Uses: Often used as a salad topping and in dressings. It is also used in pasta dishes and quiches and as a filling for pies and tarts.

Pecorino Romano

Made from 100% sheep’s milk, Pecorino Romano is an Italian crumbly cheese,  dense and flaky with a salty, sharp and smokey flavour.

Uses: As a sharper alternative to Parmesan cheeses and an excellent grating cheese over pasta dishes, bread and casseroles.


A smooth-melting type of Swiss cheese made from whole cow’s milk. It has a rich, creamy, salty, and nutty flavour which can vary depending on age.

Uses: A good melting cheese or to add a distinctly creamy texture and subtle sweetness to cheese-infused comfort foods, like quiches and gratins.


Named after the French region from which it originated, Brie is an off-white, soft-ripened cheese, usually made from cow’s milk.

It has a smooth, creamy interior with a soft, bloomy, edible rind of white mould.

Uses: A cheeseboard favourite, baked in a pastry or as a topping for pizza and flatbreads.


Made in Italy using the traditional methods and rope tied, this semi-hard cheese is known to take on a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Smooth, mild and full of character, it has a hint of nuts and salty undertones.

Uses: Serve with hot chutney, homemade bread and flatbread.



Paneer is an Indian cheese made from cow’s or buffalo’s milk.

Its flavour is very mild and milky with a soft, spongy, and squeaky texture.

Uses: In Indian cuisine, it’s cut into cubes before using it in dishes. Because it is a non-melting cheese, it can be grilled, fried and cooked on skewers over an open flame without losing its shape.


Cotswold Blue

An organic soft white moulded cheese with a Roquefort blue mould running
through the centre and a delicious creamy texture, with a fresh clean taste
that develops as the cheese ages into a rich aromatic piquancy.

Uses: In salads, melted on steaks, or just simply at the end of the meal on a
cheeseboard accompanying local chutneys, relishes and seasonal fruit.

Cerney Ash

Made by hand in Gloucestershire, this is a fantastically soft goat cheese shaped in a truncated pyramid and hand-coated with an oakash/sea salt mix.

It has a subtle flavour and lemony tang which develops into a deeper flavour as it ages

Uses: To add a wonderful, creamy richness to salads.

Double Gloucester

A traditional, full fat, hard cheese made from whole cow’s milk with a smooth and buttery texture, rich and nutty yet mellow flavour

Uses: On a cheeseboard, grated into a soup or melted for a cheese toasty.

Cotswold Brie

Made from organic milk it has a rich creamy, clean and fresh taste which will
continue to develop flavour over time, without ever growing too pungent.

Uses: Ideal for eating as a light lunch, perhaps with just a beautiful crisp
English apple or equally at home on a dinner party cheeseboard.

Oxford Blue

Described as a ‘French-style English blue’ this is a semi-hard cheese with a
smooth and creamy texture made with English cows milk.

It has a good mellow depth of flavour with aromatic, tangy and spicy qualities

Uses: Pairs brilliantly with a glass of chilled white wine!

St.Thomas Brie

A soft mould ripened cheese made with pasteurised cow’s milk with a creamy, mild and fresh flavour and soft edible rind.

Uses: The perfect addition to any cheeseboard, in a salad, sandwiches or

Violife Cheddar Flavour Block

A traditional flavour that all the family will enjoy!

Try it with macaroni, sprinkled on pasta, grated on a baked potato or simply on its own. It’s versatile and delicious.

Violife Greek Block

Toss in a crispy salad with olives and cherry tomatoes or melt into a Portobello mushroom for a delicious snack.

Violife Le Rond Camembert Flavour

Soft, round and creamy!

Bake in the oven or pop it in the microwave, pair it with dried fruits and crackers, pour a glass of wine and enjoy.


Viospread Light & Creamy is a tasty new dairy-free product that’s perfect for spreading and topping.

Everyone can enjoy the fresh taste of Viospread Light & Creamy when spread on toast, crackers, pancakes, or melted over hot vegetables.

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