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Allium ursinum, also known as ramsons, buckrams, broad-leaved garlic, wood garlic, bear leek, bear’s garlic or more commonly, wild garlic is a wild relative of chives native to Europe and Asia.

One of the most anticipated spring ingredients in kitchens across the UK it fills the countryside with the pungent smell of garlic and grows abundantly in a shady woodland environment, attracted by the moist soils.

Whilst having a garlic flavour, it’s more mellow than common cloves, with a distinct grassy flavour.  Despite their very pungent smell, leaves can have a sweet and delicate taste but true to their name, some leaves can be a little wild and slightly more on the fiery side so sample before you dive in!

It can be used as a salad, herb, boiled as a vegetable, in soup, or as an ingredient for a sauce that may be a substitute for pesto in lieu of basil – pairs well with other seasonal gems like Jersey Royals & Morel Mushrooms.

It’s also a popular homoeopathic ingredient and is very often used for treating high blood pressure and digestive problems.

Wild Garlic is one of the most common products to forage but beware, its similarity to poisonous plants such as lily of the valley has led to cases of poisoning.  The best test is to get a leaf and crush it in your hands, if it smells like garlic it is garlic!

In addition to the leaves, the delicate white flowers are also edible, though the plant is best before too many of these appear.

Interestingly, cows that have fed on ramsons give milk that tastes slightly of garlic, and butter made from this!