Seasonal Highlights

Seasonal additions

Widely considered as the most delicious in the world, British asparagus is already making an appearance and it’s so versatile you could eat it in a different way every day!

Tender and sweet and with that wonderful nutty flavour, it’s no wonder it’s a favourite with chefs in kitchens across the UK.

Green and purple varieties are available – the purple variety has spears that are fatter and more tender than its green counterpart and much sweeter too. The purple tips also make a great garnish and work well in salads.

Or, try lightly steaming or boiling and dress with melted butter or hollandaise sauce!

Soft and juicy and deliciously sweet, yellow plums are great for jams, jellies or baking – in fact, adding plums to any recipe is a great way to cut back on sugar intake but retain that dessert-like sweetness!

Of course, they’re best eaten just as they are!

Leafier and darker in colour than traditional broccoli, purple sprouting will add a touch of vibrancy and crunch to any vegetable dish.

Try boiling the florets in water and serve warm with melted butter and lemon juice.