The Real Olive Company

Founded in Bristol 25 years ago, The Real Olive Company is a family-run, artisan olive company, specialising in organic, fresh olives and antipasti.

Their olives are sourced from trusted artisan growers on the shores of the Mediterranean – real people who understand the unhurried rhythms of the olive tree!

After being hand-picked, the olives are marinated and packed using time-honoured recipes and cold-pressed oils.

Which means you can enjoy the freshest, most authentic olives bursting with Mediterranean sunshine.

From grove to table, every step is taken to retain each olive’s natural goodness, and they’re range is now available at Four Seasons.

Organic Nocellara del Belice

In the remote South West of Sicily lies the Valle del Belice, home to a unique pecorino (sheep’s milk) cheese and to a large green olive renowned for its succulent flesh and delicate flavour.

Nocellara del Belice olives are whole, unpitted and in cold-pressed oils, preserving that buttery flavour until you take your first bite.

Delicious served with a pecorino or similarly nutty, crumbly cheese, or simply enjoyed with a glass of ice cold white wine.


Organic Kasbah

For their Kasbah blend, they use rich purple Kalamata olives and fresh green olives.

Drenching them in the flavours of the Levant: cumin and coriander, garlic and chilli, parsley and mint.

And the last ingredient, which gives the olives that unique, delicate fragrance… rosewater.



This blend of pitted green and Kalamata olives brings together chilli, garlic and sweet, aromatic basil to create an irresistibly spicy flavour.

The judges at the Great Taste awards certainly loved Tricolore, awarding this blend a Gold medal!

Enjoy with cocktails, a glass of wine or an ice cold beer.


Organic Kalamata

On the ancient coast of southern Greece lies Kalamata, a city surrounded by olive groves since Classical times.

The olives grown there are unique, aubergine coloured, almond shaped and succulent. So good are they, in fact, that the name has been awarded European Protected Designation of Origin status.

As with Champagne in the wine world, only olives grown in that particular region are allowed to be called Kalamata.

The very best are organic, helping to preserve the old olive groves as sanctuaries for wildflowers, insects and birds..



A gorgeous blend of glossy purple Kalamata and fresh green olives, pitted and marinated with red and green peppers.

This recipe celebrates the fusion of North African and the Middle East cultures with its mouth-watering combination of garlic and herbes de Provence, basil and mustard seeds.


Green Colossal

Chalkidiki is a wide peninsula of Northern Greece and it’s the region where these green olives are grown.

Known throughout the world for their very large size, their pure intense green color, and their excellent taste due to their high content of olive oil.


Antipasti Olives

Winner of a Gold medal at the Great Taste awards, The Real Olive Company Antipasti Olives is a mix of fruity Kalamata olives, crunchy cornichons, green olives, tart caper berries, sweet red peppers and tangy sun-dried tomatoes.

This colourful blend offers a tantalizing array of flavours!


Semi-Dried Tomatoes

As the name suggests, these tomatoes are heated slowly until partially dried.

Then blended with parsley, oregano, garlic, chilli and a dash of wine vinegar, before submerging them in oil.

Enjoy as antipasto or to accompany pasta, rice or couscous.


Borettane Onions

The Borettane is a mild, sweet Italian pearl onion that is flat, almost saucer-like in shape.

Originating in Boretto, in the province of Reggio Emilia, Borettana onions have been cultivated since the 1400’s.

These are beautifully sweet Italian onions, blended with balsalmic vinegar.


The packaging is the most green and sustainable option available and fully recyclable.

All of these The Real Olive Company products are available to order now: call us on 01793 683299 or email