The French Brasserie Cookbook

French Brasserie Cookbook by Chef Daniel Galmiche

The ‘French Brasserie Cookbook’ is a superb collection of 100 classic, easy-to-follow brasserie recipes with a modern Mediterranean twist, from Michelin-starred chef Daniel Galmiche.

You’ll find irresistible recipes for appetizers, mains, side dishes and desserts, all based on the classic principles of brasserie cooking.

It was described by Heston Blumenthal as, “A book full of inspiring recipes that will immediately transport you to a French Brasserie in your own home”.

We were lucky enough to meet Chef Daniel a few months ago and it was a privilege to hear him talk about ingredients, seasonal produce and all things food.

If you’d like to order a copy, you can find it online, just search for “french brasserie cookbook Daniel Galmiche”.