Seasonal Vegetables: What’s In for February?

seasonal vegetables february

February offers a rich and vibrant variety of seasonal vegetables.

Bursting with flavour and texture, February’s bounty brings a colourful array of root vegetables, brassicas, alliums, and beetroots to the fore.

Here, we’re shining the seasonal veggie spotlight on what’s in for February.

Root Vegetables

As we venture into February, the spotlight naturally falls on root vegetables such as parsnips, swedes, and carrots, which take centre stage in winter cuisine. These resilient vegetables, unfazed by the chilly British weather, offer a hearty flavour to our plates.

Take, for instance, the parsnip. Its sweet and slightly nutty taste transforms a mundane winter soup or roast into a gastronomic delight.

Whilst the swede, with its faintly sweet flavour reminiscent of turnips, integrates seamlessly into robust winter meals, lending a delightful texture and taste.

We certainly cannot leave out the versatile carrot in our discussion, with its inherent sweetness and crunch, is perfect for roasting, or incorporated into a stew, salad or side dish.

seasonal vegetables february

The Brassicas

seasonal vegetables february

This hearty family of vegetables, including kale, Brussels sprouts, and cabbages, stand up admirably to the chill of winter, offering a bouquet of flavours.

Consider kale – the green leafy titan of the vegetable world. Its slightly bitter, peppery flavour is versatile enough to jazz up salads, soups, and stir-fries, and its texture holds up well even when cooked.

Let’s not overlook Brussels sprouts, often relegated to Christmas dinners and forgotten about the rest of the year. These miniature cabbages are not only a joy to behold but also pack a punch when it comes to nutrient-density. Brussels sprouts also bring an exciting medley of sweet, nutty and earthy flavours to your table.

Cabbages, the all-rounder of this veggie family, step into the limelight during February.

Available in an array of varieties, from the intense red to the crispy white, with their distinctive crunch and slightly sweet taste make them a delightful addition to salads, coleslaws, stir-fries and comforting winter soups.

Look out for a recipe from Chef Daniel Galmiche in Episode 27 of our ‘Cooking with Chef Galmiche’ video series on our YouTube channel. Daniel creates an accompaniment to pork using a pan-roasted and braised savoy cabbage, with mushrooms, shallots and chicken stock.

The Alliums

This collection of vegetables, including leeks and onions, bring a fragrant charm to our kitchens, weaving their unique flavour profile into our favourite dishes.

Let’s start with the humble leek, a stalwart of the allium family. Leeks carry a milder, sweeter taste compared to their allium siblings, transforming soups and pies with their delicate flavour.

Then, of course, we have the omnipresent onion. Present in most kitchens, onions form the culinary backbone of many dishes, infusing them with their robust, pungent flavour, to elevate our food.

The Earthy Beetroot

These deep-hued gems bring a vivid splash of colour to your menus.

Whether you decide to roast them, turning their sugars into a sweet, caramelised treat, or even grate them raw into a fresh, crunchy salad, beetroots adapt with ease, making them a versatile companion in your kitchen.

Their natural sweetness perfectly counterbalanced by an earthy depth of flavour that brings a unique character to any dish they grace.

The beetroot is a true testament to the beauty and bountifulness of February’s vegetable offerings.

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