British Seasonal Vegetable Update for May

Seasonal Update May.

As we welcome the arrival of May, we also celebrate the abundance of British seasonal vegetables, covered in our British Seasonal vegetable update for May.

From vibrant asparagus to tender new potatoes and peas, May’s offerings are sure to inspire menus and delight taste buds.

Let’s explore the best of British seasonal vegetables in May and discover how to make them the hero of the dish in this month’s seasonal update.

Seasonal Update May

The Versatile Gem – New Potatoes

New potatoes are a highlight of British seasonal vegetables in May, shining with their petite size and buttery soft texture.

These earthy treasures, with their delicate skins that barely require peeling, are a testament to the freshness of spring’s bounty.

Their versatility in the kitchen makes them a beloved ingredient for chefs, able to elevate a humble dish or add a comforting element to a more sophisticated culinary creation.

Their inherent creaminess and subtle sweetness make new potatoes an ideal candidate for a multitude of cooking methods. Boiled gently until tender, they become the perfect base for a vibrant spring potato salad, tossed with fresh herbs and a light vinaigrette.

Roasted whole with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt, they transform into a crispy, golden delight, their fluffy interiors encased in a crunchy shell. Even the simplest preparation, steamed and served with a knob of butter and a sprinkle of fresh parsley, turns these new potatoes into a dish that’s both comforting and indulgent.

Peas – A Taste of Spring

Peas, embodying the essence of spring, are a delightful presence amongst May’s British seasonal vegetables.

Their vibrant pods encapsulate the very freshness and vitality of the season, offering a tender crunch and a sweet flavour that is unmatched.

When peas burst onto the scene in May, they bring with them endless culinary possibilities.

From being the star of a fresh garden pea soup to adding a pop of colour and sweetness to a creamy risotto.

Incorporating peas into your menus during their peak season not only maximises their freshness, but also supports the cycle of British seasonal eating.

Whether mingled with mint for a classic British pairing or used to add texture and sweetness to a dish, peas are a testament to the bounty and beauty of spring’s produce.

Seasonal Update May

The Jewel of May – Asparagus

We covered asparagus in our April update, but it’s bang in season and well worth mentioning again.

In May, asparagus emerges as a crowning glory among British seasonal vegetables.

This slender green marvel is eagerly anticipated by chefs for its elegant appearance and nuanced flavour profile.

Celebrated for its versatility, asparagus can be transformed through various culinary techniques.

Whether blanched to perfection and enveloped in hollandaise sauce or char-grilled for a smoky finish, it adapts beautifully to both simple and complex preparations.

It pairs exquisitely with a range of ingredients, from rich eggs benedict at brunch to a refined accompaniment for evening dining.

The distinct flavour of asparagus, slightly grassy with a hint of sweetness, allows it to stand out in salads, pastas, and as a standalone side, adorned minimally to highlight its natural taste.

Its brief seasonality makes asparagus all the more coveted, encouraging a celebration of this gem through inventive dishes.

See how Marco uses asparagus, and our other wonderful veg on our YouTube channel.

A word of warning, however!

Spring Greens

Spring greens, often overlooked in favour of more well-known British seasonal vegetables in May, truly embody the spirit of spring with their vitality and versatility.

These leafy treasures, encompassing a variety from the crisp, slightly bitter rocket to the mild and earthy kale, are bursting with life, ready to invigorate any dish they grace.

Incorporating spring greens into your menus presents a unique opportunity to enhance both flavour and nutritional value.

They can be wilted down into a comforting side dish, lightly sautéed with garlic and olive oil, or kept raw and crisp in a refreshing salad. For a more creative twist, they can be blended into smoothies or used as a base for a green pizza, showcasing their adaptability.

Whether tossed through a warm quinoa salad or added to a hearty soup, they bring a depth of flavour and a touch of seasonality that is hard to match.

Other Veg News

Iceberg, Gem and Romaine Lettuce

 The Spanish season is tailing off very quickly due to quality out-grades and low yields and is set to end in the next two weeks.

This period of limited availability and higher prices will continue until the UK outdoor crops start coming through in a couple of weeks.

Fine Beans

Continued and unexpected rain in Kenya is having an impact on the quality of fine beans.

We are receiving less product than normal, and naturally, prices are rising for what is available.

Mangetout & Sugar Snap

Normally we’d be seeing the Zimbabwe season in full swing, but due to the rains the harvest has been delayed.

This means all the demand is having to be met by Egypt and Kenya, and they are struggling to meet this increased demand.

As a result, prices are high and availability is limited.


Yields continue to be low from Spain, and with Kenya struggling with rains, they are not shipping anything this week.

Prices are gradually climbing and availability is limited.

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