Product of the Week – Rungis & Milan Produce

Rungis and Milan Produce

The Rungis & Milan markets are world-famous for some of the best French and Italian produce available.

Rungis Market, based just outside Paris, is a mecca for gourmets and one of the largest fresh produce markets in the world.

It supplies many of the top-tier restaurants in Paris and has acquired a reputation as a gastronomic hotspot owing to the incomparable diversity of the products sold.

Milan’s Ortomercato (Fruit Wholesale Market) is one of the biggest in Italy.

When it comes to food, authenticity and freshness is their ethos only selecting producers that comply with the best quality standards.

It’s the largest in Italy for the number of products sold with particular attention paid to guaranteeing both traceability and maximum hygienic-sanitary safety.

This is produce of the highest standard and it’s available to you right here at Four Seasons.

We receive a delivery from these markets every Friday with produce varying depending on the season. As an example, this week’s delivery includes;

  • Pointed Heritage Peppers
  • Graffiti Aubergine
  • Mixed Baby Heritage Tomatoes
  • Monks Beard
  • Large Italian Peaches
  • Large Italian Globe Artichokes
  • Castelfranco
  • Apricots
  • Large Italian Watermelons
  • Treviso
  • Wet Garlic
  • Wax Tip Pears
  • French Sand Carrots

Some of the other seasonal produce we source on a regular basis:

Tardivo radicchio, Italian round peppers, round purple aubergine, Cedro lemons, Italian leaf lemons, white asparagus, Roscoff onions, blood oranges, broad beans, San Marzano, pink radicchio, large leaf celery, Datterino tomatoes, chanterelle mushrooms, black tomatoes, Italian pomegranate, baby bunched artichokes, to name a few!

If there is a particular item you would like us to source, please get in touch with us on 01793 683299, email us: or talk to your account manager.