Product of the Week – Berries

Berries are among the healthiest foods you can eat and some of the most delicious and most versatile sources of antioxidants.

Health benefits aside though, berries are incredibly versatile and can be used in savoury dishes and salads as well as their more-common use in desserts, drinks or eaten fresh.

Whatever you choose to do with them, with the UK berry season in full swing, it’s time to celebrate the British summer with our range of scrumptious berries and the perfect time of the year to experiment with some new berry recipes.



Nothing says British summertime more than the strawberry, the cream of the British summer fruit


Packed with antioxidants and widely considered a superfood, these need little introduction. Fresh, frozen, sweet or savoury, their uses are endless!

Champagne Gooseberries

Sweeter than their green counterpart but still carrying a sour note. Great for jams and pies and would be a good substitute for rhubarb in any recipe.


Tart and tangy and great for desserts, jams, chutneys and sauces in savoury dishes.



Commonly referred to as the Cape Gooseberry it has a sweet-tart taste that is slightly reminiscent of
pineapple and can be eaten raw, to make jam and great in salads and desserts.


Plump and juicy and with a delicate sweetness offset by just a hint of tartness. Sweet, savoury or fresh, their uses are endless!


Succulent, soft, and juicy their flavour is sweet and slightly tart and great in cobblers, jams, pies,
parfaits and more.

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