Post-Brexit Reality: Higher Food Prices Due to Increased Checks

Post-Brexit Price Increases

Amidst the labyrinth of political debates and discussions, one critical aspect of Brexit is finally coming to light: the impact on our tables.

The post-Brexit controls on food will usher in higher food prices due to the surge in food checks at the border. Something that will send shockwaves through our industry and households alike.

The Relationship Between Brexit and Food Checks

Brexit has dramatically reshaped how the nation handles food imports.

Before this major change, the UK, as an EU member, enjoyed smooth trading relations with its fellow member states. However, the post-Brexit landscape sees the UK as an independent entity, a status change that warrants a more rigorous inspection regime for all inbound goods, including food items.

Food imports now face increased scrutiny at the borders.

This newly imposed rigour includes a heightened paperwork examination, thorough product inspection, and, crucially for food items, additional sanitary and phytosanitary checks. The goal of these checks is to shield UK consumers from potential health hazards such as harmful diseases and pests.

However, these necessary safety measures also demand a considerable amount of time and resources, resulting in delays at the border and a subsequent rise in costs. Unfortunately, these additional expenses find their way to the end consumer, contributing to an upward trend in food prices.

Moreover, these meticulous checks not only increase the cost of food but also contribute to logistical complications.

One significant drawback is the elongated transit durations, which increase the risk of perishable food spoilage. This impacts, heavily, those industries that rely heavily on speedy transport for product freshness, such as the fresh fruit and veg, fish and seafood sector.

Will exporters continue to trade with the UK?

The looming challenge of uncertainty is making some EU exporters hesitant about trading with the UK. The ambiguity surrounding border checks and the time required has led to some EU suppliers preferring to avoid the UK market altogether.

In essence, the UK’s decision to leave the EU has resulted in a more intricate system of food checks, which in turn has a domino effect, impacting logistics, businesses and ultimately, our respective businesses.

What you can expect from us

At Four Seasons, we are still committed to supplying the best-quality produce available, but we are aware that we will soon feel, first-hand, the effects of these changes.

We’ll keep you updated as and when we know more specifics on any affected products.