November Crop Report

November Crop Report

It’s time for our November Crop Report!

With preparations underway for the impending festive period, we can see some seasonal transitions and key products appearing.

November can be a busy period, which in turn will shape menus. Look out for a host of products available to help our chefs create a base for so many dishes such as leafy kales, and vibrant roots, along with a dash of delightful brassicas.

It is a terrific month to introduce a winter salad, which is becoming more on trend, with a colourful range of chards together with a host of robust salad products.


The soft fruit season has finally drawn to a close on these shores, as we move to European suppliers.

Quality has been good with strawberries and blackberries arriving from Belgium and Holland along with raspberries and blueberries, but will become very short with prices going up in the main, coming from Morrocco and Portugal.

UK apples will continue throughout the month in pretty decent volumes. Grape supplies have moved over to Southern Hemisphere products so expect prices to firm up.

The arrival of Spanish satsumas always signifies the fast-approaching festive period. This citrus favourite, which has a gentle sweetness with slight acidity, is classically recognised by the slightly looser skin.

Quince – this ancient autumn fruit, when cooked gives off a delicate fragrance of apple and citrus. This will go well in tarts or on there own, it also makes a super sweet, spicy paste known in Spain as Membrillo which is a beautiful compliment for cheeses.

Another beautiful product arriving from Spain this month is pomegranates. This tasty fruit, mainly grown in the Alicante province, has jewel-like seeds that can give an elegant finish to a warming lamb tagine or a welcome addition to a winter salad.


Mixed squash has been sensational this year. The delectable product is expected to end by mid-month so grab them while you can.

Rainbow chard is a classic late autumnal veg that works so well in many dishes.

The colourful product, which has a delicate sweet earthy flavour, wilts down quickly whilst giving the dish a bit of body.

Sprouts became available last month with volumes rising from our growers.

Fresh horseradish is traditionally used to make a creamy sauce with roast beef, however can also add a deliciously fiery kick to many seafood dishes or even a warming addition to mashed potatoes! Other products to consider over the coming months are banana shallots, mixed mushrooms, and the cracking range of beets on offer.

The recent wet weather is causing some concern in relation to potato harvesting and potential availability.

While its too early to understand the exact impact it is worth keeping a close eye on.

With the Dutch season ending last month supply is now arriving from Spain and Morrocco with pockets of Egyptian also becoming available. Early signs are encouraging with good volumes arriving and the product in good nick.


There are a host of products available that work particularly well in a winter salad. Hardier produce such as celery, chicory, radicchio, kohlrabi and spinach offer great value along with adding a hearty feel to the plate.

Red cabbage is a fabulous way to add a splash of colour to the plate. This heartwarming product can be a fantastic alternative to your usual choice of brassica as well as a great addition to a winter slaw.

It is also worth mentioning that peppers will have more of a rustic look than the chiselled looks of products from Holland. Iceberg, lollo rosso, oakleaf and endive have also fully transitioned over to imported, again quality and volumes are good.

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