New Product Line!

From slow roasting the bones to double filtering, TRUEfoods make their stock the chef’s way, using no flavour enhancers or life extending ingredients.

It’s why you’ll find TRUEfoods products in some of Britain’s finest restaurants and home kitchens…

…and very shortly at Four Seasons!

Like us, they’re a family-run business and they’ve been creating fresh and natural stocks and sauces in the heart of North Yorkshire since 2007.

Using only the finest ingredients and traditional culinary principles, their products are created in exactly the same way a chef would to produce fresh, natural stocks.

The Range

Rose Veal Stock 50% Reduced – 2.5kg

Rose Veal Stock – 2.5kg

Beef Stock 50% Reduced – 2.5kg

Beef Stock – 2.5kg

Golden Chicken Stock – 2.5kg

White Chicken Stock – 2.5kg Lamb Stock – 2.5kg

All of these products will be available to order within the next few days, so we’ll keep you posted!