May Crop Report

In our May crop report we look at some of the produce that makes May an absolute joy in the seasonal calendar.

It’s the month sandwiched firmly between spring and summer, so you can expect an abundance of dazzling produce arriving over the coming weeks. Many of which will shape your menus for the coming months.

You can expect an array of seasonal produce, a wonderful mix of locally-sourced UK produce and an abundance of beautiful Dutch produce. All of which has the potential to offer a plethora of choice in your kitchens over the coming weeks.


May crop report

Asparagus season is at its peak with green, white and purple varieties continuing to arrive from Wye Valley, in Vale of Evesham.

The availability of new crop potatoes will continue to rise throughout the month with the appearance of some delightful products from Cornwall.

Expect the volumes of wild garlic to reduce by the end of the month as the plants start to flower.

It will be early June before we see a move to UK broccoli, so availability will be tight and prices will be high.

UK Peas, which can add a wonderfully sweet addition to the plate, will be arriving along with some terrific UK broad beans.

New season Spanish onions will start arriving over the next few weeks, which should see prices drop.

Our suppliers report that winter season English cauliflower is coming to an end. Good quality French cauliflowers are an alternative until new season UK summer cauliflower starts in June.

May crop report
May crop report

It is also the month to champion Artichokes, with some outstanding products arriving from Spain.

Main crop carrot volumes have reduced over the last few weeks which has pushed prices up.

We expect the new season product to begin in late May and early June to arrive from either Spain or France.


Strawberries will make a welcome appearance in the early part of the month!

These will come from our growers around the country, including Oaklands in Herefordshire and Wye Valley Strawberries.

From further afield you can expect some wonderful Spanish stone fruit appearing in the form of peaches, nectarines, and later in the month, apricots.

Staying in Spain, melons will be arriving from our Spanish growers.

Honeydew and the very underrated Piel de Sapo (frog skin melons) have a mouth-watering sweetness second to none! Mid to late May is an ideal time to get this retro classic on the menu.

Apples and pears will move to southern hemisphere supply so be mindful of prices firming up


Salad days are here again!

We will be moving from Spanish to UK Iceberg early in the month with little gems and cos lettuce also arriving.

We have already moved our lollo green, lollo rosso and oak leaf over to local UK suppliers

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