Leading the Way in Sustainability – Wildfarmed


When it comes to being more sustainable, we do quite a bit.

From strict recycling policies, a new Euro 6 compliant fleet of delivery vans and more efficient lighting, to monitoring systems, using rainwater for our water needs, and improved logistics planning.

Of course, we can always do more – for example, we could install some solar panels, but we wanted to take our greener credentials further than the conventional!


So we’re excited to announce another innovative partnership here at Four Seasons.

Introducing ‘Wildfarmed’


If the name sounds familiar, then it may be as they feature in the latest Marks & Spencer TV advert.

Wildfarmed grows wheat the right way, making regenerative flour better for us and the planet.

Their mission is to transform landscapes, taking fields that were otherwise silent dead zones, and turning them into thriving fields full of life.

They say, “To bring the buzz of the birds, bugs and bees to fields across the land.”

Their methods achieve a number of things;

  • Removes carbon
  • Pesticide free grain
  • No harmful chemicals means no chemical runoff in rivers
  • More antioxidents
  • Increases biodiversitry
  • Prioritises farmer welfare
  • 100% Traceable supply chain

We are the first wholesaler in the area to work with Wildfarmed, although we’re pretty sure others will follow, as they do!

We’ll be sharing more about their products in the coming weeks, in the meantime, if you’d like to know a little more about them, you can read more on their website.