Chef’s Masterclass

In January, we held our inaugral chef event with a chef masterclass from the one and only Marco Pierre White, TV and Michelin star chef Daniel Galmiche, our friends from Essential Cuisine and a product showcase from Valey Smokehouse.

The event, held at Foodworks Cookery School in the Cotswolds, is the first in a series we have planned. Each will feature guest chefs, a chance to see other products in our range, and to meet some of our suppliers, growers and producers.

The day was a great success, and we’re already planning the next one!

A Masterclass by Marco Pierre White

Marco prepared his safron risotto and talked through the various mistakes made when making a risotto.

He also shared his own experiences of dining in our region, and in some cases at some of the establishments of our guests.

Daniel Galmiche

Given that it’s still winter and we’re a few months away from the array of British summer fruits, Daniel created a winter pear clafoutis.

He also discussed his influences as a young chef, and how living and working on a farm as a boy, made him appreciate and fall in love with ingredients and cooking.

Essential Cuisine

Our good friends from Essential Cuisine took centre stage for our ‘producers’ slot, creating a stunning 4-course taster menu using a selection of products from the Essential Cuisine range.

They showed us how easy it was to use some of the products in their range, and how they can not only save time, but also add more flavour to a menu.

Valley Smokehouse

Our final guest was Jonathan from Valley Smokehouse.

Not only did he show us how they prepare and cut their salmon ready for smoking, but guests were able to sample a selection of their beautifully smoked products.