Chef Daniel Galmiche – James Martin’s Saturday Morning

Chef Daniel Galmiche James Martin's Saturday Morning

It was great to see Chef Daniel Galmiche on James Martin’s Saturday Morning.

As well as trying James’s pan-fried plaice fillets with warmed potted shrimp, Chef Daniel cooked his stunning and unusual combination of roasted lamb and liquorice!

If you missed it, you can watch the full episode here

It’s so Important to Follow the Seasons

“There is a good reason for this and in France, Spain & Italy it is all taken for granted and chefs learn these lessons at an early age.

“When you buy a fruit or a vegetable in season it is at its best, its freshest and its cheapest because it is in abundance, so this is the best time to use an ingredient.

It holds its best amount of nutrition. Everything about it is perfect. It has been grown locally to where you are in perfect conditions.

When you buy an ingredient out of season it has often been grown for that purpose in a country that is far away and does not have ideal growing conditions for that ingredient.

Consequently, it is more expensive and less ideal from a nutrition point of view. So, it’s really important to plan for the seasons. Plus, you get to work with amazing produce.”

Chef Daniel Galmiche – Michelin Star Chef

We had the great pleasure to spend the day with Chef Daniel when he came in to sample some of the stunning French, Italian and British seasonal produce on offer for our catering customers.