Biting into February: The Best Seasonal Fruit in the UK

Seasonal Fruit in February

As the last frost of winter makes its appearance and the air slowly starts to warm up, the UK welcomes a burst of freshness in its bounty of seasonal fruit in February.

February might seem bleak, but there’s a myriad of delicious and nutritious fruits waiting to be discovered and devoured during this time of the year.

A Burst of Citrus

The heart of February’s fruit offering is undeniably citrus. The sharp zing of British oranges and lemons brings a much-needed brightness to the typically dreary February weather.

Whether used in a sweet marmalade, zested over a warming dish, or simply peeled and enjoyed raw, oranges and lemons bring their distinct tanginess to every bite.

Conference Pears in Season

Nestled amongst February’s bounty, you’ll find the splendid Conference pears, a true British gem.

These crowd-pleasers offer a symphony of flavours with each bite – they’re subtly sweet, wonderfully juicy, and superbly satisfying.

Their versatility is an added bonus, making them a favoured choice for a myriad of culinary uses.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of baking or prefer your fruit fresh and unadorned, Conference pears adapt seamlessly.

The Star of February: Rhubarb

When we talk about the star of February, we can’t miss out on the radiant and delightful rhubarb.

As the calendar flips to February, it marks the commencement of the rhubarb season in the UK. It’s the month where these vibrant red stalks take centre stage and weave their unique charm into the culinary tapestry.

While it’s easy to be fooled by its appearance, rhubarb is technically a vegetable. However, its punchy tartness has carved out a place for it in the fruit family, especially in British gastronomy.

Rhubarb’s versatility is its charm – it effortlessly slips into the role of the star in dishes like the traditional rhubarb crumble, lends its zesty zing to a compote, or adds an unexpected twist to your gin and tonic.

Whether you’re craving something sweet or savoury, rhubarb’s distinctive flavour profile is sure to add a burst of excitement to your dishes.

Look out for a recipe from Chef Daniel Galmiche in Episode 26 of our ‘Cooking with Chef Galmiche’ video series on our YouTube channel. Daniel creates a deconstructed poached rhubarb and pistachio crumble.

Seasonal Fruit in February

The Kiwi Fruit

As we navigate the vibrant array of British fruits in February, let’s not overlook the arrival of a non-native yet equally tantalising gem – the kiwi fruit.

Though its origins may lie far from British shores, the kiwi fruit has found a comfortable home within the UK’s February fruit roster. This diminutive fruit might seem unassuming, but don’t be fooled. Each kiwi fruit is a tiny powerhouse, densely packed with a high concentration of vitamin C and fibre.

Its taste is a delightful medley of tart and sweet, a refreshing departure from the typical winter flavours, making it a wonderful addition to fruit salads, desserts or even savoury dishes.

Embrace the Flavours of February

Despite the frosty climes, February in the UK unfurls a vibrant array of tasty fruits – the month might be draped in winter’s chill, but the seasonal produce is excellent, so embrace the flavours.

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